Timeline UI, Pebble’s New Interface


Pebble recently launched a new campaign on Kickstarter for their latest watch called the Pebble Time. Along with a new piece of hardware, the company is also introducing a new user interface called Timeline. While developing the new UI, Pebble founder Eric Migicovsky realized that “The best interface for any watch is time.”

Rather than repacking smartphone information on a tiny watch face, Pebble developed Timeline UI to just show users what’s important in the context of time. The Timeline UI is designed to pull out all the important information from various apps and present it to a user in the context of a day within a past-present-future format. Wearers access parts of the timeline through the three buttons on the side of the watch, which represent past, present and future.



For instance, users might tap on the past button to catch up on emails, use the present button to check the score of a game or look at the market, and use the future button to view upcoming appointments as well as the weather forecast for the next day. Users can drill down into any category to find out more info if they’d like. App developers will be able to use Pebble’s SDK to “pin” reminders, notifications and other sorts of data into a user’s timeline.

Using colored boxes and cards, Pebble employees Katherine McAuliffe, Michaele Birdsall and Chris Ioffreda cleverly explained Pebble’s Timeline UI in a separate video on Pebble Time’s Kickstarter page.



Pebble has been around for years and was one of the first players in the smartwatch arena. I’m curious to see how Pebble’s new interface compares with the Apple Watch and Android Wear watches. It will be interesting to see how mainstream consumers use smartwatches and how developers take advantages of these technologies to create new, innovative applications.

Note: In December 2016 Pebble shutdown operations and the company’s IP was acquired by Fitbit.


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