Oyster’s Delightful Cancellation Flow

Details that show customers you care


Recently I tried out Oyster, a gorgeous app that allows you to read as many books as you want for $9.95 a month. Oyster has been referred to as the Netflix for books. I was lucky enough to get a free 2 month trial and was excited to check it out. The app’s user experience is probably one of the best I’ve encountered – from searching to browsing to reading. Unfortunately due to my busy schedule,  I wasn’t able to use Oyster as much as I had planned, so when my trial was up, I decided to cancel my membership. What I encountered was an incredibly delightful cancellation flow…one which almost made me reconsider canceling. (In fact, I’ll probably try it out Oyster again in a few months.)


Cancellation survey

The first screen I encountered upon selecting “cancel” was a short survey asking about why I decided to cancel my membership (below).

Cancellation survey

“I’m not reading enough” option

After selection the “I’m not reading enough” option, the screen filled with tips and illustrations about how to read more.

Not Reading Enough

“Other reasons” option

Since I loved what Oyster presented me when I chose “I’m not reading enough”, I went back to the cancellation form to see what else I’d find if I chose a different option. Below is the screen corresponding with the “other reasons” for canceling option. I like that you see a Oyster team member’s name and photo along with a literary quote. Team members name and face appears with several other cancellation options too. It makes you feel like you can get an issue addressed by reaching out to a member on staff.


Other Reasons

“I’m trying to save money” option

And here’s the screen you’d see after choosing the “I’m trying to save money” selection. I love that they point out some personal finance books that are available through the app. It’s both informative and humorous!


Saving Money

Final thoughts: It’s about showing you care

Oyster did a fantastic job messaging the other cancellation options as well. The company clearly shows customers that they care, even while saying “goodbye” to them. It’s an excellent way to reduce churn and get people to keep their subscriptions.  Yes, I did still decided to cancel (for now). Here’s the thing though: I was not at all annoyed by their survey. I actually enjoyed it and it seriously made me reconsider. I encountered this same level of attention to detail and humor throughout the entire app. I’ll probably sign up again soon…it’s only a matter of time. 🙂

Note: Oyster shut down operation 6 months after I posted this article.